04 Jun 2024

IBD 2024-06, Approval of Bid - 2025 World Parachute Ski Championships

19th FAI World Parachute-Ski Championships, 2025

During the 2024 ISC Plenary which was held in Orlando, Florida, the ISC Bureau was given the authorisation to approve any late Bid for the 2025 Parachute-Ski World Championships.    A Bid was received from Austria to host the 19th FAI Parachute-Ski World Championships in St. Johann im Pongau, Alpendorf, Austria from March 13-17, 2025.    

Taking into consideration the fact that the Organiser has hosted many successful Parachute-Ski events in the past, the Bid has the approval of the ISC Parachute-Ski Committee and the Entry Fees are very reasonable, the ISC Bureau has issued an Interim Bureau Decision (IBD 2024-06) approving the Bid.    

Please find the IBD here:    2024 - 06 IBD, Bid Approval of Parachute Ski World Championship, 2025

Please find the BID here:  Bid -19th World Parachute-Ski Championships, Austria