FAI StyleGuide

The FAI StyleGuide contains instructions designed to ensure standardized use of the graphical elements that make up the visual image of the FAI. It is only through the rigorous enforcement of our visual identity in all documents and publications relating to FAI activities and competitions that we will succeed in reinforcing the FAI’s image as a strong, reliable and unified organization.

If you wish to make use of a logo:

  1. Download the FAI Styleguide from the Documents section below.
  2. Read the "Conditions of use" of the desired logo and check whether the intended use is authorized; read carefully the "Instructions" section.
  3. Select the logo(s) you need and submit your request by using the on-line order form below.

Rules on advertising for FAI Air Sport Events

The Rules on Advertising for FAI Air Sport Events document contains basic rules regulate all advertising and sponsoring practices in international air sport, ensuring their further development in an orderly manner, whilst creating and enhancing a distinct and positive identity for FAI Air Sport Events and the FAI itself.

This document is available to download in the Documents section below.


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