Anti-Doping Testing

Authority to test

All athletes affiliated with a National Airsport Control (NAC) shall be subject to In-Competition testing by FAI, as well as the athlete's NAC, and any other Anti-Doping Organisation responsible for testing at a competition or event in which they participate.

Responsibility for FAI testing

The FAI is responsible for overseeing all testing conducted by FAI. Tests will only be conducted by qualified individuals who have been authorised by the FAI.

Selection of athletes to be tested

At International events, the FAI Anti-Doping Manager shall determine the number of tests to be performed. He or she shall maximise the diversity of athletes tested, and not necessarily target those linked to final placements.

If you are selected for testing, you can download a step-by-step guide to the testing procedure. You can also watch WADA's video guide.

Testing Pool (TP)

The FAI maintains a TP of those athletes who are required to provide up-to-date whereabouts information. Each athlete in the TP must file reports to the FAI specifying on a daily basis where and when he or she will be.

ADAMS Administration and Management System

FAI encourages the use of WADA's ADAMS system of athlete's whereabouts administration. It remains the responsibility of the athlete to provide accurate whereabouts information. Information about the ADAMS system can be found on the WADA website:

Contact the Anti-Doping Manager