2025 theme: ‘Women with Wings’

Since the earliest days of aviation, young people have been inspired by people whose adventurous spirits have soared into the skies above us.
Stories of remarkable bravery and world firsts in the air and in space have long captured the imaginations of children across the planet. The glory of record-breaking long-distance flights, magnificent skydiving formations, perfect precision landings and gold medal wins will long continue to enthuse youngsters to take to the skies themselves and experience the challenges and the camaraderie of air sports.
Particularly inspiring for young girls are the tales of women who have defied society’s expectations to take to the air and prove that the sky is a place for everyone.
For the 2025 FAI Young Artists Contest, we want youngsters to focus their creativity on these incredible Women with Wings, who unite in a world where the skies are a canvas of peace and friendship.
Using pencils, crayons, pens or paint, artists can be inspired by Women with Wings to show how women from all walks of life find liberty and inspire others through their love for flight.