Suggested procedure to follow for the organization of the FAI Young Artists Contest in your country:

  1. Find a volunteer willing to undertake this task. He or she should preferably be familiar with aviation and/or education.
  2. Ask for the cooperation of the:
    • Education Ministry to distribute the rules of the contest to primary and secondary schools.
    • Different aero-clubs to circulate the rules of the contest to club members and their families
  3. Send a short article to specialized magazines.
  4. Ask for the patronage of the Minister(s) responsible for Youth & Sports.
  5. Look for the support of aeronautical associations and the national air & space museums to offer the winners prizes in the form of initiation flights, visits to the museums etc.
  6. Choose Members of the Jury from among senior executives in aviation, education, sports, the arts, companies and sponsors.
  7. Fix a deadline date for the schools to send the paintings to your headquarters at least two weeks prior to the deadline for sending them to Lausanne.
  8. Organize a meeting of the Jury Members to select the winners in each age category.
  9. Send mails to:
    • The winners or their schools, including a copy of the winners' list and a copy of the jury meeting report, inviting them for an aeronautical day to an airfield or to an Aviation Museum,
    • All schools and parties involved and having participated in the contest with copies of winners' list and jury meeting report, to thank them.
  10. Have a ceremony take place in your headquarters to award prizes to the winners in the presence of the President of the Aero Club.

The above is for guidance only. It remains up to you to operate in accordance with the traditions and procedures of your country.
Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me through the FAI.

Suzie M. GEBB