Volunteer for FAI

More than a thousand people worldwide volunteer for FAI, driven by a deep passion for air sports and a relentless commitment to developing and promoting the Federation's activities.

About our volunteers

Volunteering has been an integral part of our Federation since its foundation nearly 120 years ago, and our organisation has achieved so much in this time, with the help of our volunteers. Whether they be elected or appointed, FAI volunteers engage in various activities, including:

  • As President and Directors on the Executive Board
  • As Vice Presidents
  • As Delegates in Air Sports and Technical Commissions, and Officials in Commissions' Bureaux, Working Groups and Subcommittees
  • As Judges and Experts

And much, much more besides!

Beyond official duties

In addition to discussing regulations and fulfilling tasks, our volunteers play a crucial role in animating the air sports community. The magnitude and impact of their daily efforts worldwide are immense.

Elections and appointment at the General Conference

At the upcoming 118th FAI General Conference (20-21 November 2024), the following positions will be open for election or appointment:

  • President
  • Executive Board Members (deadline for nominations: 5 Oct 2024)
  • Vice Presidents (deadline for nominations: 19 Aug 2024)
  • General Air Sport Commission (CASI) Active Members

The positions' descriptions, including their duties, election procedures, and required qualifications, are outlined in the Statutes which is part of the Constitution.

FAI Members’ role

Almost all of our volunteers must first be nominated by the FAI Members in their countries in order to stand for election or accept a nomination.

NB: In addition to the positions within FAI, there are numerous other volunteering opportunities available within our FAI Members at various levels.

Volunteer opportunities

Don’t hesitate to reach the FAI Member in your country if you would like to volunteer!

The FAI Secretariat is also readily available to address any inquiries you might have.

We very much welcome your interest and are looking forward to having you on board.