All air sports interact with parts of the environment, considering air, land, sea, water, scenic views, wildlife, vegetation. Each air sport discipline has specific interactions with these parts of the environment.

The development of facilities and the carrying out of air sport activities are to be conducted in a manner that harmonises the interaction between the air sport activities and the environment.

The Environmental Commission has been created with the objectives set out in FAI Statutes:

  • to evaluate the influence of air sports on the environment;
  • to develop an FAI policy aimed at maintaining and improving conditions for the development of air sports while respecting realistically demonstrated environmental interests;
  • to advise Executive Board and Air Sport Commissions on environmental matters affecting air sports.

Current program of the Environmental Commission

  • Publish detailed environmental codes of conduct for air sports disciplines (covering e.g. considerate flying, flying site layout, and operational procedures, landscaping and habitat, nature conservation)
  • Establish a database (link: Air Sports and the Environment) available on the FAI web site providing information on the real environmental impact of aviation on nature
  • Develop a widely acceptable method to determine and define noise levels for small airfields and work to have this method endorsed by ISO and ICAO

Invitation for cooperation and communication

FAI members, FAI commission delegates and all readers of this web site are invited to contribute to the work of the FAI Environmental Commission. Contributions presenting particular valuable examples of environmental impact on nature, should they be positive or negative, are welcome and may be submitted either via our email mailing list or discussion forum.