The Royal Aero Club Trophy was donated by the United Kingdom in 1986. It is presented to the Women's World Aerobatic Champion. Though Women's Champions have been named since the first competitions were held, no special trophy existed prior to that date.

Winners of the trophy:

1986Liubov NemkovaUSSR
1988Catherine MaunouryFrance
1990Natalya SergeevaUSSR
1992Not presented
1994Christine GeninFrance
1996Svetlana KapaninaRussia
1998Svetlana KapaninaRussia
2000Catherine MaunouryFrance
2001Svetlana KapaninaRussia
2003Svetlana KapaninaRussia
2005Svetlana KapaninaRussia
2007Svetlana KapaninaRussia
2009Elena KlimovichRussia